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Musical Journey

Born into a very musical family on her father’s side, Madelaine, has been singing, playing piano and writing her own songs since a very young age. 

In 1993, she became involved in a Christian Missions (Youth with a Mission) and performing arts group (African Breeze) for six years, while studying part-time through UNISA.

However, in 2000, she decided to “grow up and get a real job”. She graduated with a degree in Human and Social Studies from Unisa and started working as a Strategic Planner and Project Manager, first in the private sector, but soon switched to Local Government and later National Government. Singing was now only done in the shower or when she sang lullabies to her children at night. A few times she tried to pick up her music by getting involved in worship at church, but time was never enough to juggle all the balls as a career woman, mother and wife. After a professional career of 25 years, she eventually resigned in 2022.

But then the doors of new opportunities literally flung open in August 2022 when she auditioned for the ATKV Crescendo singing and songwriting mentorship program. Subsequently, she was selected as one of the 21 participants from across the country who completed a very intense programme in April 2023 in Paarl. Here they were mentored by acclaimed artists, i.e. Sarah Theron, Petronel Baard and Deon Meiring, to mention but a few. 

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