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Rising South African singer and songwriter, Madelaine, is excited to announce her first tour to Namibia, planned for 17 June – 7 July 2024.

Who is Madelaine?

The mother of two, who recently separated from her husband of 20 years, took the leap into full-time professional performing later than most, waiting until her 40s to fully commit, despite being born into a very musical family and singing, playing the piano and writing her own songs from a very young age. Madelaine started her musical training with classical piano lessons at the age of five.

 "When I got the opportunity to write and sing in the ATKV Crescendo Auditions in August 2022, I had to go for it. I needed to showcase my gift and ability to sing and write my own songs," said the 48-year-old former Strategic Planner and Project Manager.

In Aug 2023, she released her debut EP entitled EK Kies Vandag, hot on the heels of the release of her debut single of the same name.

Her EP, Ek Kies Vandag, has been decades in the making. Her song Stiltes was written in 2001 in what she calls a time of reflecting and praying. The following year she wrote My Iemand about her search for love and in 2023 she finished her album with the songs, Exodus, Woorde and Ek Kies Vandag.

Madelaine’s musical journey is heavily influenced by her life and her personal story.

"I am at a better place in my life than ever before. I know who I am. I know what my strengths and weaknesses are. I have a story to tell and a message of hope to bring to everyone who can appreciate my music," she said.

Her album which she describes as adult contemporary with a little bit of smooth jazz includes music composition by Helmut Meijer.

"I am so blessed to have him as my producer. He just 'gets me'.

Madelaine says she feels like she has a new lease on life and is excited about her budding career.

"Everything in life that happened and is happening to you has a purpose. You can either allow it to break you or you can learn from it and grow and become a better you. In the end, with the power of God in you, the choice is yours. You can speak life over your situations. You might not be able to change external factors, but how you see it and believe it and respond to it is fully in your power. You can choose a better you. A better day," she says.

Why Namibia?

“I lived in that beautiful country for more than 2 years in my early youth. I was involved in a mission organisation and was privileged to stay in Windhoek, Walvisbaai, Oshikati as well as Rehoboth for months at a time. During those years I was welcomed and nurtured by the people and formed friendships that are still sustaining me today.”

Madelaine is working on her new album and one of the songs on this album was co-written in 1995, with her friend and Namibian gospel recording artist; Karin Zimmer. She then also hopes to share the stage during her 2024 tour with Karin and other Namibian artists.

Madelaine is also a Business Entrepreneur and Motivational Speaker. Hence, apart from 2 shows planned for Windhoek and Walvisbaai, she also hopes to have smaller engagements where she can share her journey of hope and success with your organisation.


To book Madelaine for the Namibian tour, you can log onto her website ( or contact her directly at +27829672582.

Alternatively, Karin Zimmer can be contacted at +264816235594.


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Galore SA

Afrikaans singer, Madelaine, proves it’s never too late to follow your dream with the release of her debut single:

Ek Kies Vandag

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