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Celebrated or Tolerated

It was exactly a year ago, when I was contacted and asked to audition for the ATKV "liedjieskryf" mentorship program. And what a rollercoaster ride it has been. Not just as an aspiring singer and songwriter, but also in my personal life.

This coming week I will be releasing my first EP - album. All songs written and composed by me and when I woke up this morning, I had such a sense of gratitude towards everyone who has been part of my journey so far.

It is very humbling when you realise that it is not because you are so wonderful, that you are where you are, but because you have wonderful people in your life that believes in you and champions you. Ultimately, He is wonderful, and He has His hand on you. It is only by Grace that I have made it thus far.

The one thing, however, I have again been reminded of during this time, is that not everybody will think that what you do carries any significance in their lives. Not everybody will rejoice in your victories. Not everybody will prioritise you. Not everybody will take time and make an effort to appreciate what you bring to the table. Not everybody that smiles with you or likes your status on any of the many social media platforms, are necessarily celebrating you. Many only does it for self-gain, out of sympathy or mere habit.

But boy, the ones that do it out of love and sincerity are your best cheerleaders. They are the loyal ones that hold up your arms in the battle when you get tired. They become the ones that blow wind in your sails when it feels like your ship is sinking. They are the ones that prioritise you and don't just give lip service, but they are willing to offer-up their own time for your dream. And they are the ones that you want to go to battle with.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place - whether as a friend, spouse or colleague - where what we do and say is not appreciated or valued. We are not celebrated but only tolerated. My friend, there is no life in such relationships. They only drain you and you will find that your soul slowly dies. For such people you will never be good enough or important enough. The more you try to win their favour or recognition, the more you will feel unappreciated.

I pray that we will learn to be discerning and not continue to waste our energy on things that is not life-giving.

Go where you are celebrated and not just tolerated!! And in that place of celebration, bring the hope and joy that this world so desperately needs. The hope and joy which can only be found in the One who created us to be individually uniqu


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