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So much has happened since my last blog post. Not just in my own life, but also all over the world. Loved ones were lost. Babies were born. The holidays came and went. Wars broke out in some countries (and houses) ... and in others' peace and restoration came.

Personally, I changed from home address, my marital status, as well as my body weight. Neither of these were necessarily an achievement or anything to be proud of. However, my word for 2024, is "contentment".

I do believe, there is a difference between being content and giving up on your dreams. As much as I find myself being content at the beginning of a new year and pretty much new season in my life as woman and mother, I have not given up on pursuing those dreams of yesteryears. Not at all!

In my state of being content at where I find myself this very moment in time, I know it is only temporary. Change is inevitable. The choice - whether the changes waiting for me in the future will contribute to my growth and ultimately in reaching those dreams (one at a time) or will cause me to fall back into my old habits of fear of the unknown - is mine alone.

For now, I want to state that although I might not be where I hoped to be, I am definitely not where I use to be. And despite all the trauma and pain and discomfort 2023 brought - it also brought growth and changes which I am so excited about. I am glad that I faced my fears and looked outside of myself for that better and new normal.

Contentment is not a passive verb, but an active verb. For me it means, being thankful for where I am, what I have and who I have around me, but not accepting that this is it. I have not yet arrived and I don't need to lower any of my standards or stop to dream just because they seem too difficult to achieve from where I stand.

May you also look inwards this year and realise that you have come a long way. If you are not on the road leading to your dreams, you can choose today to change your direction. That decision will come with doubts and fears, but oh the joy and freedom once you find yourself in that place of growth. Knowing that you have not yet arrived but you are content - in being you, at this time, in this place.

Make 2024 your year!!

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