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A little bit more than a year ago I decided that it was time for me to resign from the professional / corporate world of management after a career of almost 25years. Scary!!! So, 30 June 2022 was my last day working for the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries as a Provincial Project Manager.

Some background: I have two boys and from a young age they both showed signs of psychological challenges. As a professional career woman, I was many times working away from home leaving them in the care of their father or nannies. They were later diagnosed with Tourette / OCD / ADHD and Epilepsy respectively.

Personally, I was also prone to stress, depression, and anxiety - subsequently suffering regular migraines, muscle spasm and ulcers. One day, in Sep 2021, while I had a migraine attack, I got introduced to Essential Oils by my good friend Liesl. After she dotted a few drops of Peppermint Oil on my temples my migraine subsided in just a few minutes - what a life-changing experience. Needless to say, I have been using Young Living products ever since. Initially, I just bought Peppermint Oil and Valor (I think), but today I use almost all of the products in the Young Living South African range. I have just not ordered the toothpaste yet!!!

After resigning I initially planned to just spend time at home with my boys for at least the first year. Well, knowing my character you would agree that this was an unrealistic goal. I soon found myself involved in a lot of creative initiatives – building a new career in the performing arts and crafts industry.

I could not have made this smooth transition at the age of 47, without God’s help, my friends and family’s support - and Young Living of course. I did not only use Young Living Essential oils for myself and my family’s needs, BUT I also started to share this wonderful product with people in my circle of influence who were looking for natural alternatives to their health and wellness. In the process I became a Young Living Brand Partner and Business Owner and have not looked back once.

Why Young Living?

· YL oils helped my youngest with his concentration at school as well as to calm him during times of stress and anxiety. Apart from his focus roller with Vetiver, Cederwood and Rosemary, KidsPower YL Blend is his favorite.

· YL oils and CBD products improved my eldest’s sleep and brain functioning which is crucial for him living a more normal life. I anoint him with Frankincense on his crown and he sleeps with Valor and Lavender in his diffuser every night. Lately he also uses the Peace and Calming YL Blend at times for sleep.

· YL oils and supplements help to balance my hormones (especially since I had a full hysterectomy in 2013). Progressence Plus and Endoflex have become part of my daily routine. On top of that I also take Sulpherzyme and Agilease to fight osteoporosis.

· YL supplements (Ningxia in particular) helped build our immunity and even after several domestic and recent trip to The Netherland, where my body was exposed to weather fluctuations, I did not fall sick once with a cold or flu in the last twelve months.

· I even make my own perfume and facial serum with YL Essential Oils – and get complimented regularly. Let me know if you want to learn how to.

Are we perfectly healthy and miraculously cured of all illnesses and diseases? NO!! YL products are not there to replace any conventional medication, however, I have found that since I started to use these oils, I need less of the first to treat any of our health conditions and that alone is something to celebrate.

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