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First of many

The song by Simply Red goes: "If you don't know me by now, you will never, never, never know me...ooohh". I trust this will not be the case when it comes to you and me.

The mere fact that you took the time and made effort to visit my website and to even browse further to read this very blog (First of Many), tells me that you are interested in knowing more about me.

My aim is to share not only about who I am in these blogs, but also about who I am busy becoming. Hoping that I can inspire you to take leaps of faith in the process.

Why? Because we are all part of this life - here and now - for only a short while. Every minute counts. What happened yesterday can never be reversed. We can only learn from it and choose to grab hold of our now and make the best of it; so that our tomorrows will look better.

That is what I did exactly 12 months ago. I took a leap of faith. At age 46, I made a choice to change the direction in which my life was going and to start pursuing my passions. In the process I rediscovered my purpose and joy as well.

Was it scary? For sure! IT STILL IS.

Was it worthwhile? Absolutely!

Without a purpose we will continue to just live without changing anything or anyone around us. How unfulfilling is that?

Is that what you want to do for the rest of your life? Just to live without a real purpose. Not making any impact in the lives of others you live and work with. Not leaving behind any legacy?

If not, then I want to challenge you to take stock today.

What are the things in your life that are holding you back from becoming a better version of yourself?

What is the ONE thing that you have buried long time ago as just another "childhood dream"?

Mine was to sing and write and create beautiful art.

And that is exactly what I hope and pray to do for the rest of my earthly life.

If you have not yet, go listen to my single "EK KIES VANDAG" and do just that.

Choose today.

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