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For what it's worth...

On this lovely sunny, yet cold, winter's Sunday afternoon - I tend to be a bit philosophical.

It's Father's Day as well and I bet I am not the only one having some questions (even regrets) about the role of a father in my life.

Psychologists will tell you that the relationship between a father and his children, plays a huge role in their emotional well-being and in shaping their identity and self-worth.

So, my question to all of us today is: What is your worth and in what do you find it?

Do you find it in people's admiration, recognition and encouragement for a job well done?

Do you find it in your children's gratitude and appreciation for your unconditional love and efforts to navigate them through life?

Do you find it in your work accomplishments, your bank balance, or the many awards hanging on your wall?

Do you find it in the number of followers on social media or the number of likes you receive after a post or status shared?

We all do it!! We look outside ourselves to other things and people to determine our worth, while all the time the answers are inside of us.

Firstly, because we were created by a God who valued us so much - and even if we might never have known our biological father - He still planned for us to be born with a unique purpose.

But secondly, because no one will ever know your worth or place any price on it, if you do not realise it first. I just had that "revelation" again today after a person that I have met many times, in different capacities, through the years, did not "know" me. In fact, she asked my name and after that didn't ring a bell, she asked my surname - as if that would be the determining factor. In that moment I cringed, but while others around us were looking at the conversation I had two choices: either crawl away like a worm or lift up my head, push out my chest, put on the biggest smile that I can and tell her again who I am. I did the latter.

It doesn't matter if she never remembers me. My worth is not found in that. What matters is: I know myself. I know my name and what that name represents. I am firstly woman, mother, daughter, sister, friend. I am Madelaine. I am fighter. I am strong, loyal, loved, gifted and blessed.

What is your name? And in what do you find your worth and value?

Please tell me in the comments below. Love to hear from you.

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