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Goodness Grace - Its already September

It is already mid September, yet we are all still dressed in winter's clothes and some places even had snow recently. Lots of people (my house included) struggle to remain healthy amidst the unpredictable weather. Thank God for Young Living Essential Oils of course. (see my previous blog with benefits and how we have switched to natural health and wellness)

It is already mid September, yet it feels as if this year has just started. Somehow my mind just cannot comprehend all the 'experiences' I have already had since January 2023. I am still planning my to-do list for this year - yet this year is slowly dragging itself to the finish pole - with me desperately hanging on.

It is already mid September, yet few of the promises of better fuel prices, lower interest rates and more electricity has come to pass. We juggle between Stage 1 and 6 of loadshedding - sometimes in a span of 24hours. Most of us are relying on one or other ESKOM app to plan our daily work schedules, evening meals and even bath times.

It is already mid September, yet I am still alive, healthy and sane. After all the turmoil I have been through in my personal life since the beginning of this year - that in itself is a miracle. It could have turned out so differently. I could have been dead or institutionalized (literally).

YET (only through God's Grace and a lot of support from friends and family) I managed to:

  • Launch my career in the music industry - first as a piano teacher and voice coach

  • Complete a week with the ATKV Mentorship Programme,

  • Launch my single "Ek Kies Vandag",

  • Participate in a Literature Tour to the Netherlands,

  • Start a weekly article in our local Newspaper

  • Release and Launch my first EP Album on all social medial platforms,

  • Start a new business venture with my eldest son

  • Write almost 10 new songs - watch this space.

It is already mid September, yet after several trips to several doctors and several hospitals for treatments and 2 fractures (NOT ALL MINE), we are still making music daily. My youngest wakes up with a song on his lips again. We still laugh at each other's silly jokes. We face the daily challenges as they appear head-on... Knowing that no amount of worry about tomorrow's petrol increase or lack of funds to buy XYZ will help. Do negative and scary thoughts ever come? Yes, they do. But as a self-employed single mom and rookie artrepreneur (artist / entrepreneur) I choose to not dwell on them.

, still three and a half months (15 weeks / 108 days) left to revise any initial plans and finish off outstanding tasks and goals for this year. Only by His Grace!!!

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