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Madelaine in Concert

When all was said and done - after a very successful show - on Saturday night, I couldn't get to my bed quick enough. It felt as if all life and energy has been tapped from me. I slept the whole of Sunday and only got up for a Christmas Concert the evening - where I joined our local choir. By Monday morning I had no voice left and if I had it my way, I would have stayed in bed again... Can't remember the last time I was so tired on all levels.

If I knew before what I know now, I would probably not have saddled up the horse of "personally organising my own show". You see, apart from the 90minutes on stage, where you give 200% of yourself to your audience, there are the months, and weeks and days prior to, of planning, practicing and praying. Culminating into the actual show. Songs and setlists that changes on a daily basis. Booking musicians and sound engineers. Securing an affordable venue - with alternative electricity for the unsure loadshedding schedules (I was blessed to collaborate with Desert Palace Hotel and Conference Centre in this regard). Hair, make-up, dress - Lights, Camera and Action!!

Being the perfectionist that I am, I probable had less grace with myself than I would have had for any other person / agency organising my show. I left very little room for any mistakes but in the end also became impossible to live with closer to the show - says my two boys.

In retrospect, I would have done a few things differently. For one, I would have booked a bigger venue knowing that people only start to buy tickets the last week before the actual show. In the end I had empty chairs from people who bought tickets, but due to many different reasons, couldn't come whilst on the other hand I had to turn away many who still wanted tickets a few hours before the show.

But, I had soo much fun and would do it all over again tomorrow, if I can. I had so much support from friends who have been by my side since this journey started more than a year ago and because of their faith in me and cheering me on, I am daily growing in confidence as an artist. Oh and I had my boy sharing the stage with me...!!!

And with that in mind I am already playing around with several ideas for my next show in 2024.

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