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Roller Coaster Ride

Just like any Roller Coaster Ride, life as we know it, is also filled with daily highs and lows. Thrills and chills. Laughs, screams and (if you hate any fun fair as much as I do) prayers and tears.

The last few weeks it felt like I was on 'The Figure 8'. Just when I thought the ride was at it's end, another bend in the road would appear. Another hill to slowly climb. Another valley to dip and dive into with a stomach already flat on the ground. Stormy winds through my perfectly kept hair (and house) and the music box starting the mechanical tune from the start. Lights flashing all the time and bless your poor soul (and all your co-riders) if you had an ice-cream beforehand.

When you're up there in the air (alone in your little cable car) - high above the hustle and bustle of the crowds below - you sense a type of freedom mixed with fear. And you ask yourself: "was this feeling worth it?" Was it worth the sleepless nights and wet pillow cases? Was it worth the pain and loneliness? Was it worth all the money and sacrifices?

I don't have all the answers yet. I still wrestle with these and many other questions on a daily basis. Especially when the newsreader just announced another fuel increase for the fourth consecutive month; when you need to work around the ever-changing loadshedding schedules to wash and blow your hair, do washing or cook a basic meal for your family. Was it worth it?

When you have to sell your house / car to make ends meet. When you have to get the family around the table and inform them how you will all have to cut on anything (DTSV, shoes or whatever you use to indulged in) that is not a need. When you have to say "no" more than ever before. Was it worth it?

Yet, when you are all alone in bed at night, reflecting on your day, talking to your Maker, listening to His Spirit - your heart is always filled with peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding. A peace of knowing that you might not have all the material things the crowds strive for down below - but what you have is worth so much more. You have health and emotional wellness. You have spiritual happiness. You have purpose and destiny. You have friends and family who love and believe in you. You have children looking to you as their beacon of hope and security and all you can do is look up. Cause that is where your help comes from. Not from people or bank accounts or status. And the answer comes without any

doubt or hesitation. YES, IT WAS WORTH IT!!

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