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What to do about nothing...

I have found myself in very unfamiliar waters lately. Not lacking anything particular... but not in a position (as before) where I do not have to think twenty times before deciding on spending money on anything. From basic food items to luxuries. And the more I speak to people around me, and watch social media or news programmes, the more I realise that I am definitely not the only one in this boat.

The worldwide economic storm is raging and as much as no storm lasts forever, we better know what we are doing to navigate our boats in this storm and not end up at the bottom of the sea, right?

I started to ask myself the following questions during this time, and although it is not smooth sailing at all, I do feel that I am calmer inside - which helps a lot with keeping the boat as stable as possible in the midst of the circumstances of life:

  • What is in my boat (tools) to help me get through this storm? Am I aware of them? Am I using them optimally or have they become entangled with all the other 'stuff' in my boat? A mere plank can become an oar.

  • What is in my boat that might be dragging me down or cause additional stress and anxiety? If possible, get rid of them / those things. Sell what you no longer need or donate to others that might find better use for it. Not your kids though - that might cause even a bigger storm.

  • Who / what do you need in your boat to end up alive and well in the end? Be accommodative. Be willing to learn. Become teachable and flexible. Be open to try new things. Be open to CHANGE!!! ... the only way we will all be able to survive this storm. Sticking to old patterns which worked until now might actually become the very anchor leading to shipwreck.

I have had to make a lot of adjustments - not all at once of course - as I started to maneuver through these waters. My boat is lighter - much lighter.

But I am save still. I pray to see you on the other side.

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